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Better Headwear

  • one size fits all
  • ​100 % cotton cap 
  • pre-curved visor
  • triple stitched sweatband
  • ​matching Velcro closure​
  • great for men, women, & children
Green with Zipper


  • lined, zipper storage pocket
  • fold down, adjustable ear covers
  • embroidered logo 
  • washable
  • low profile design
  • helps prevent sunburned ears

It looks like an ordinary cap, but it can replace your wallet and provide extra protection from sunburn.  The lined, zipper wallet pocket will hold credit cards and cash and a driver's license so you can leave your wallet at home.  Plus, whenever you need protection from sunburn, wind, cold or rain, fold down the adjustable covers to conceal just part or all of your ears,    

                                                                     and you've   Got Shade !


Got Shade baseball cap with zipper wallet & adjustable, fold down ear covers to protect from sunburn.  A better cap! Frequently asked questions.

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Got Shade 

A Better Baseball Cap  

with a built-in wallet    -   and    -   hidden ear protection ! 

What does your cap do ?

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Adjustable covers conceal part or all of your ears or fold inside when not needed.

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Got Shade