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GotShade Cap in Pink

​​​​​​I'm retired and can't golf much in the winter, so I came up with this design in 2016 because I could not find a baseball cap that would hold credit cards or cover my ears.  This cap does both. 

If you don't want to carry a wallet, the lined zipper pocket in this cap will hold a credit card plus a driver's license plus some cash.  You can leave your wallet at home.  The ear covers hide inside the cap until needed, then fold down to behind your ears, or pull down more to cover a little, or all of your ears.  See the video at:  

After several prototypes and help from my family, I finally . . . Got Shade ! 


Got Shade is a new product offered by our family owned business, Custom Window Designs. We began in Virginia in 1985 and relocated to Colorado in 1993.  For computer, networking, wireless assistance, please visit The Electronic Eric at :

​Let me know what you think at:

Better Headwear

Got Shade

  If you ever need work on computers, electronics, video editing, networking, custom computer building,  video surviellance, wireless connectivity, click the button below for help in north Denver or Broomfield areas.

Got Shade 

Got Shade baseball cap with zipper wallet & adjustable, fold down ear covers to protect from sunburn.  A better cap! Frequently asked questions.

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