Got Shade baseball cap with zipper wallet & adjustable, fold down ear covers to protect from sunburn.  A better cap! Frequently asked questions.

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Better Headwear

Got Shade

Adjustable ear covers

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Got Shade 

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"Great cap ! "        M.B., Kansas

"Ear covers that hide inside the cap; what a good idea. "    A.A, Colorado

"your caps arrived in perfect shape...they certainly are exactly what the website promises. Light on the head, excellent sun protection for face and ears and definitely useful for storing credit cards and ID's. Stellar design.  My dad was an engineer.  He would have applauded your design, the efficiency and practicality of the hat and the craftsmanship involved in producing these hats... I will be sure to recommend your hats to other adventurers."  E.M., Massachusetts


"This is a perfect cap for my need.  I wear hearing aids and now I just pull down the ear flaps when it rains to protect my expensive hearing aids whereas I used to need to remove them at times to keep them dry. This hat is a perfect solution."  A.P., Washington

"I bought this hat for my golfing family members that live in Arizona.  No more sun burned ears and a secret place for money, license or credit cards. Wonderful. The ear flaps can be pulled down a little or pull them down for complete coverage. Turn the hat over and the flaps are concealed inside."  D.W., Colorado

"My husband has cancer, and the chemo is making his skin Extremely sensitive to the sun, where we live in AZ. His ears blistered horribly. I wanted to find a golf cap with ear flaps to protect his ears,and one that didn't look like one of those "hiking hats" which cover head, neck and ears. (Tho I did get him one of those too). He likes this hat. Not too hot, covers his ears, and the idea of the hidden pocket is a great plus!! If it could be made out if a thinner material it would be a 6 star." D.J., Arizona

​"WOW! Live in Yuma, AZ, (Very Sunny) have been looking for a light weight hat to cover my ears when needed. This cap is very cool as the ear flaps fold under when not needed. It also has a small storage space for cash and a credit card! Very happy and pleased with this product. Plan on ordering another for a spare. Actually I would give this product more stars but five is the limit here!" P.G., Arizona

​"Great cap to protect your head and your ears from harmful sun burn . The cap fits perfect and is cool on the head." W.T., Florida 

"Love the hat, it's in its ​third washing".  V.J., Florida